David & Mark

Founders  David Wex  (his 2002)  &   Mark Reeve  (and his M5)

Founders David Wex (his 2002) & Mark Reeve (and his M5)

David & Mark

In the beginning one drove an M5 and thought Apples were for kids. The other biked to work and thought Bill Gates was a loser.

But over the years we’ve mellowed and today Mark Reeve has a Mac on his desk, and more often than not David Wex drives his X3 to work.

And Urban Capital, an amalgam of these two guys, has settled into the best of its two visionaries, a company with eyes focused on the future, but feet still firmly on the ground. It’s for this reason that we’re always thinking about the next great thing. But still making sure that we can actually deliver it.

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